On the 2nd of March we went kayaking in Mudeford. There was a morning session which was 9am-12pm and an afternoon session which was 1pm-3pm.

When everyone was there we put on our wetsuits and other kayaking clothing and got the kayaks out. We then took them to the front of the quay and adjusted the foot pedals. Then we sat in a circle and learnt the techniques of how to paddle. We also had a safety talk and what to do if you capsize.

When everyone was ready we took

our kayaks into the water and got in them. Once everyone was in the water we practiced the paddle techniques by simply going forward. When everyone was confident enough with that we kayaked to the other side of the quay, we then learnt how to turn and go backwards while kayaking which was hard at first but we got the hang of it!

We then played a game. The game was similar to ‘it’ but when you got caught you became on as well. This game was great fun and a good way to practice the previous skill we had learnt. After that we went into 2 teams and played a game where you had to catch the ball and pass it around your team without the others intercepting. This game was great for teamwork skills but also tested our speed and balance. Unfortunately I wasn’t very good with my balance. When I went to grab the ball it was a bit too far away which made me capsize, it was rather amusing and made everyone else laugh.

We then took our kayaks back and went and got changed. Overall it was a really good day and every one had lots of fun. I learnt new skills in a kayak and became more confident in kayaking.

‘’I learnt how to move forwards smoothly and also backwards smoothly which needs a little more practice. We learnt how to turn around successfully without falling out and also how to move sideways. Over all I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again, the best part of the day was watching Gomm fall out of her kayak..’’ Cadet Mckenzie

A special thanks to Sgt Sherry who arranged this kayaking event and CI Arnold who supported us and drove the minibus with the kayaks.

By Cadet Gomm

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