Equal Opportunities


The Air Cadet Organisation is committed to equal opportunities and we welcome members with disabilities. Each Squadron will do its utmost to ensure that as many people was possible can take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

It does need to be noted, however, that not all Squadrons are able to supply wheelchair access and that the physically and mentally challenging nature of some of our activities may exclude some from participating. This is down to purely practical and logistical problems. Each Squadron will have its own individual characteristics. We will do our best to try and overcome them but it is only fair to prospective and current members to state that membership may not be suitable for all and that there may be some things you will be unable to take part in. The Commanding Officer at your local Squadron will be very pleased to meet and discuss with you any concerns you may have and offer advice. Don't be put off from inquiring about joining, make contact and see what you can do.


My child has learning difficulties?

We have youngsters of many abilities on the Squadron and if required one to one tuition can be arranged. We try to give equal opportunities to all the young people who become Air Cadets, working with the parents/carers to help the individual achieve their very best.


What about bullying?

The Air Cadet Organisation has the highest regard for Child Protection and operates a zero-tolerance of bullying and abuse.


What is the age range?

Cadets can join between 13 and 17. You will have more time to benefit form all the opportunities the younger you join.


I'm not 13 yet. Can I Attend?

We are happy for you attend with your Parents on a pre-arranged evening. We will provide you with more details and contact you nearer your thirteenth birthday.


How much does it cost?

Cadets pay subscriptions of £ per term. This is due every January, May and September and subscription letters are sent to each cadet.

Payments may be made by cash or by cheque (made payable to 130 Bournemouth ATC please).

There may be additional costs for certain activities e.g. camp, Duke of Edinburgh etc but every attempt is made to keep these costs to a minimum.


Will I get a Uniform?

Once you have been attending the Squadron for about a month you will be issued with a uniform, free of charge. It is the uniform of the Royal Air Force so be proud to wear it.

Your uniform will consist of: Trousers or skirt, Shirts – light blue & dark blue, Tie, Jumper, Beret, Brassard (Armband for badges) and Waterproof jacket & Coveralls (loaned as required) 

You will also need the following, some of which you will have to purchase: Black shoes, Black boots, Black socks or tights and Combat clothing 

It is important that you look after your uniform, keeping it clean and well pressed. There will be a charge to replace lost or damaged items. Your shoes should be clean and highly polished.

Boy’s hair must be short and girls must wear their hair clear of the bottom of the collar, using hair colour unobtrusive accessories if necessary.

Girls may wear plain gold stud in pierced ears, apart from formal parades. Other jewellery is not normally permitted. Makeup should be minimal or removed altogether.


How often do I have to attend?

We hope you will want to attend the majority of Parade nights & Activities available. We want you to enjoy attending Cadets as lessons will be planned to help you gain your next Classification so you need to attend these to achieve the standard required.

However, your formal School/College education must take priority and we anticipate that Cadets studying towards exams will not be able to attend as regularly as they might normally. There will of course be planned family commitments.

Whatever the reason for your absence, planned or unexpected, we like to be kept informed so we can maintain our registers accurately. You can contact us by telephone, email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ) for sickness and short notice absences or by using the Absence Slip process so you can notify us of planned absence.

We have procedures for dealing with repeated and regular unauthorised absences where we have not been notified in advance.


How often will I go Flying & Gliding?

We try to get each cadet on the Squadron to go flying and gliding at least once a year but all cadets must have passed their basic ground training exams which can take up to six months to complete. New cadets have to be patient but their turn will come!


When should I arrive for Parade?

Unless you have been instructed otherwise Parade starts promptly at 19:00 (7pm).
You should arrive 10 minutes before so you have a little time to get ready. 


What should I bring?

Normally you should some to Squadron prepared and ready to learn.

You should be in your Uniform, or if you have yet been issued Uniform then please dress in plain clothes.

You should bring with you: Your F3822 book (once issued), a small notepad, a pen or pencil, a watch and a small amount of money for Canteen


What if I dont like being a Cadet?

Obviously we hope this never happens. If you feel unhappy about your experiences within the Squadron and the Air Cadet Organisation we need to know. Please talk to one of the staff about your concerns so we can understand your feelings and take steps to deal with any problems or issues.

But we understand that, for some, being a Cadet may not turn out to be the experience you though it would be. In that case, all we ask is that you return all of the uniform and equipment you have been issued.


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